Give to Pets Foundation

Healing People & Pets​

Supporting Pet Owners in Times of Crisis​

In addition to our sanctuary services, Give to Pets Foundation offers vital support to pet owners facing medical emergencies and long-term care needs. Through our temporary pet sitting program, we provide peace of mind to individuals undergoing hospitalization or medical treatments. We understand the emotional anguish of worrying about the well-being of a beloved pet while grappling with life-threatening illnesses. Our commitment is to ensure that no pet owner has to face this distress alone, providing assistance and care for their furry companions during challenging times. Furthermore, we extend financial aid and transportation assistance to seniors and low-income families who cannot afford the high cost of euthanasia for their suffering pets. We have witnessed firsthand the heartbreaking situations where individuals are unable to provide proper end-of-life care for their pets due to financial constraints, and we are dedicated to alleviating this burden through compassionate support and assistance. Fees are based on donations and are often free of charge.

Comprehensive Care for Special Needs Animals

At Give to Pets Foundation, we prioritize the well-being of every animal under our care. Our sanctuary addresses a range of health issues, including hearing, sight, geriatrics, special diets, and diabetes. Regular veterinary visits, employee support, and grooming services are essential aspects of our operations. We understand the importance of providing specialized care tailored to the unique needs of each animal, ensuring they receive the attention and treatment necessary for their comfort and happiness.

Providing Sanctuary for Animals in Need

The Give to Pets Foundation is a small community-based organization dedicated to providing a comfortable home for animals who might otherwise end up in shelters or face euthanasia. Our mission is centered around offering a loving and cage-free transitional or forever home to pets whose owners enter hospice without the means for their care. Additionally, we extend our sanctuary to senior and special needs animals, including those who have experienced trauma in their lives. We recognize the stress sudden loss and change can inflict on these animals, and we aim to provide a nurturing environment where they can thrive.